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Save What You Love Podcast: A deep dive into the Tulsequah Chief mine

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

In Episode #13 of the Save What You Love podcast, our Alaska Campaign Director Chris Zimmer joins filmmaker Mark Titus to discuss the ongoing Tulsequah Chief mine controversy.

Chris brings 20 years of insight and experience to this issue. We thank him for his ongoing passion and his commitment to saving a place that he loves!

There is a tremendous opportunity for the proposed remediation plan to become a real win for the spectacular Taku watershed. However, seeing the promise of closure and cleanup of the Tulsequah Chief mine through to the finish line remains a challenging prospect necessitating government focus and commitment, and we urge BC to continue prioritizing this issue.

There is an opportunity to do right by the Taku River and the many concerned citizens, and stakeholders, including First Nations and Alaskans, who care deeply about the watershed, its salmon, and its future. While we are encouraged by the initial steps being taken by BC, we remain very concerned for the future of the Taku watershed and the communities and species who depend on it.

With clarity and hope, Chris explains why cleaning up the Tulsequah Chief mine would be a deeply meaningful and far-reaching conservation win! Please enjoy this inspiring, thoughtful, and educational conversation between Chris and Mark.

Full episode available here.

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