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David Suzuki calls for clean up and closure of the Tulsequah Chief mine

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Revered Canadian scientist and environmental activist, Dr. David Suzuki has added his voice to many others calling upon British Columbia for action on the long awaited Tulsequah Chief closure and clean up. As he says in a June 1 editorial in The Province, "while B.C. seems prepared to do the right thing, little is happening." Like others, he is calling for immediate action in order to protect the ecological and cultural values that make the Taku watershed so special. He reminds readers that, "the conservation attributes of this watershed are of truly planetary significance," and now is the time for B.C. to take action. Dr. Suzuki's voice on this issue is timely, inspiring, and appreciated.

And here:

David Suzuki Tulsequah Chief oped
Download PDF • 40KB

Photo credit: Colin Arisman

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