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2019 Reflections and Asking for Your Support

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Rivers Without Borders blogs generally focus on issues, as opposed to requests for support. But this time around, along with gratitude and reflection, we're asking for more help.

As we approach the end of 2019 your backing could be especially powerful at a crucial time.

With British Columbia's formal planning process ongoing for closure and cleanup of the infamous Tulsequah Chief mine, we've seen real progress in our Taku campaign. But planning and on-the-ground action are two very different things, so it's imperative that pressure be sustained from both sides of the border if we are to, finally, see a remediation worthy of one of the planet's premier wild salmon river systems. If this comes about, the transboundary Taku will be wild and thriving and, once again, truly pristine.

Further north, Rivers Without Borders has stepped up its engagement in the spectacular Chilkat watershed. With mineral exploration intensified in the headwaters, the prospect of mining looms over the Chilkat Valley, including the Tlingit community of Klukwan and the world's only designated Bald Eagle Preserve downstream, as well as another exceptional salmon run. During this exploratory phase, it's especially important that a strong conservation voice and vision is cultivated for the Chilkat. We're seeing that happening, and Rivers Without Borders is proud to be helping to that end. Likewise, for the Unuk watershed, in the southern transboundary region, where the gigantic KSM mine proposal near Misty Fjords National Monument threatens to industrialize another wild and remote corner of North America. Now, more than ever, we must keep a spotlight on that proposal. The more that international attention and concern is demonstrated, the less likely it will be that this extremely risky and expensive mine proposal gets traction. There's much at stake, but reason for optimism as well. Rivers Without Borders is privileged to have at least a little influence on the fate of the Alaska-British Columbia transboundary watersheds, very much in partnership with our backers. As we look to 2020, excited about possibilities for the year ahead, we appreciate your interest in what we do and all generous support that keeps us going.

To donate to Rivers Without Borders, please direct your online charitable giving to our fiscal sponsor's website at:

On behalf of Rivers Without Borders, our thanks, best wishes of the season, and here's to a bright new decade ahead.

- Will

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