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Protecting Transboundary Watersheds 

With wild salmon in decline and climate change threatening, we promote and protect the extraordinary ecological and cultural values of the transboundary watersheds.

Our mission & vision

Rivers Without Borders has been striving to protect the wild intact watersheds and rich ecological and cultural values of the British Columbia-Alaska transboundary region since 1999. We engage First Nations, Tribes, commercial fishermen, scientists, environmental organizations, government, community leaders, media, and others to advance conservation for this vast, remote, and spectacular area.


About the transboundary region 

The Alaska – British Columbia transboundary region ranks among North America’s top ecological hotspots. Here, six international mountains-to-sea river systems form in northwest B.C., traverse diverse interconnected eco zones, and pour across southeast Alaska’s panhandle into Pacific Ocean estuaries teeming with life.

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Join us in our mission to protect transboundary watersheds.

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